Mikel Markaj

Mikel Markaj has born in Gjakova, 27th of April 1995. In his eyes art was always a form of expressing himself, it started with singing to learning an instrument to finally study acting. During the way he learned different forms and ways of expressing and by working with the community he learned different reasons to use art.

Some of the plays he was part of are: Trojan Women – La Mama Theatre (Andrei Serban), Destur – Sweet Blasphemy-Rumi (Zana Hoxha), Inferno – Dante Alighieri (Kushtrim Mehmeti), “Much ado about nothing” – William Shakespeare (Zana Hoxha), “Totem and Taboo” by Robert Nuha (Zana Hoxha), “The Bug” – Shpëtim Selmani (Zana Hoxha), “Haunted Land” – Shqipe Malushi (Zana Hoxha).

He has also played in television series and films, such as: “Shengen Visa”, “Rrushe”, “Hero of the Desert” – Nadif Prices. Mikel also has won awards such as: “Much ado about nothing” – Best supporting actor, PITF Prishtina, “Hero of the Desert” – Golden Earth Film Award Best Actor Male (Leading) and Europa Film Festival Best.