Venera Ismaili – Project officer

Venera Ismaili was born in 1972 in Pristina. She has made a varied career of work.

She started in 1992 at the information technology company Infotrade, creating the first experience in sales and administrative work to continue in 2006 at one of the most successful IT companies, in “Pronet” or now under the name “Asseco”, by 2011.
Seeking to expand her experience, she leaves behind information technology and starts at the German factory in Kosovo “Xella” in the sales, marketing and procurement sector, until 2016.

At the end of 2016, she joined the team of the private company “PR Solutions L.L.C” as project manager. This company with various activities such as: public relations, marketing, software development, trainings and more, enabled Venera to create other experiences by being part of the creating team of episodic television show with the topic about women health before, during and after the pregnancy.

In this way Venera also discovered a long-hidden desire to work in the field of art. She challenged herself being part of the performing troupe “Activism” that appeared during the global campaign “16 Days of Activism” in December 2018.

Being an art lover and an active attendee of events such as theater, music, ballet, film as well as being a supporter of human rights activities in general, Venera pursued her desire and ambition to be closer to art by working at the Art and Community Center – Artpolis since February 2019.

In this way, following her dream, she hopes to contribute on raising awareness for a society with genuine values, a world with full rights for women, rights for LGBTQI people, against sexual harassment and any oppression or violence perpetrated against the individuals or groups.

Her favorite line about work is “Find a job that you love and you don’t have to work a single day in your life”.

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