Zana Hoxha

Zana Hoxha (born 1981) is a professional theater director, founder, and executive director of the Artpolis – Art and Community Center, an organization that promotes art and diversity through social dialogue and community integration.

She has created more than 20 theatrical performances which have been presented in the largest theaters in Kosovo, in the Balkan region (Albania, Serbia, Montenegro, Macedonia, Croatia, Turkey), and has also presented her work as an artist/activist/trainer in the United States, Europe, the Middle East, and North Africa.

Her work has been highly valued and has won several awards over the years: The musical “Spring Awakening” was rewarded with the best performance for 2020 by Ministry of Culture of Kosovo; “Best Director” in the “Albanian theater in North Macedonia” festival; Best performance – “Grand Prix” Award, in the fourteenth edition of ITF SkupiFestival 2020; The performance “Artemis’s Huntresses” was awarded in Etno Fest 2020 with two prices Best Show and Best Performance; The performance “Bits and Pieces” was awarded in Etno Fest 2019 with two prices: Best Director and Best Actress.

Her artistic activism has expanded in 2022 with the creation of two theater performances: “The Bug” which was presented for 10 days during May at the House of Leaves in Tirana, Albania; while “Haunted Land”, opened the 10th edition of the FemArt Festival on June 14th.

Zana was the Director of the Theater Department at the SKENA UP festival during 2004-2011, the Artistic Director of the Professional Theater during 2011-2014, and also the Founder and Director of the ARTPOLIS Organization and the largest feminist festival in the Balkans of artists and activists, FEMART. She is also selected as IVLP Aluminum (International Program for Foreign Visitors to the United States of America) and the winner of many awards for her contribution as a director in Kosovo and the region. Combining art and activism, she uses theater as an advocacy tool for social rights that focuses on raising awareness of gender-based violence, human rights, and diversity.

Zana is the Laureate of “Future Leaders” program by French Ministry of Foreign Affairs, for her leadership in gender equality, advocacy, social enhancement, and women rights.

She is proud to be part of the board of the Kosovo Women’s Network, a lecturer and trainer specializing in Forum Theater, and a supporter of the empowerment and emancipation of women activists.