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ArtEd – Theatrical clubs continue online competitions for the most popular posters

July 25, 2020

1 May / 16 June / 22 June / 10 July / 20 July – 2020

Seeing the success achieved and the interest of students and Facebook followers for the past competitions, Artpolis continued with other groups of 14 theater clubs of the champion schools of Kosovo, to organize online competitions for the most popular posters designed by these students, on the Facebook page: Traveling Theater for Children and Youth.

This activity came as a result of the online training “Design in Canva” and the theme for the competition was: theater. 8 winners were selected from the groups that competed, and rewarded with one book each.

“This project was organized by Artpolis – Art and Community Center, with the support of GIZ Kosovo on behalf of the German Government.”

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