Donikë Ahmeti

Donikë Ahmeti is an actress, performer, producer and activist. She has acted in dozens of theater plays for more than a decade, collaborating with many local and foreign directors.

Donika is a resident actress at the Art and Community Center – Artpolis since 2021, and has performed in plays such as “Haunted Land” directed by Zana Hoxha, “Totem and Taboo” by Robert Nuha directed by Zana Hoxha, “Top Girls” directed by Shkurte Aliu, and “Hunters of Artemis” directed by Zana Hoxha etc. In addition to working as an actress, she is also a trainer in the “Theatre-Based Education” training.

Some of her other collaborations include the performance “Shkrepëtima” by Petrit Halilaj, “Pantallonat e Kangusë” by Melihate Qena, “Pergynti nga Kosova” directed by Agon Miftari, “Mother and the child” by Bekim Lumi, etc. Donika has also been part of several local films and series.