Qendresa Kajtazi

Qendresa Kajtazi completed her acting studies at the Academy of Arts at Hasan University of Prishtina. He has been part of various shows, including here (shows for children, Forum Theater, Dance Teater Musical show. She has worked with different local directors, choreographers, composers and international.

Some of the plays she played are: “Trojan Women” (La Mama in New York), “Carnivals of Korça” (National Theatre), “Dëshira Tours” (National Theatre), “Forgotten” (Theatre National), “Portreti” (National Theatre), “Barbara”(Dodona Theatre), “Totem and Taboo” (Artpolis), “Haunted Land”(Artpolis), “Question of Habits” (Artpolis), “Beni”(Teatri Oda), “I’m a man”(Center Multimedia), “Two dreaming mammals” (AAB Faruk Begolli Theater).

She is currently works as a resident actress at the Art and Community Center Artpolis, as well as Resident actress at the “Muharrem Qena” Theater in Mitrovica. From time to time, she also works as a coach for children and adults in different communities Theater-Based Education.