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FemArt 11 evaluated by Staff and Artpolis Troupe

June 16, 2023


One month after the end of 11th edition of the FemArt Festival, staff and Artistic Resident Troupe of Artpolis gathered to evaluate and reflect on this edition.

On June 15, in Germi, in addition to the evaluation of the edition we left behind, the next edition was widely discussed. Things that we must improve, what should be preserved and the ways that should be followed to increase even more the quality of the activities, as well as the impact of the FemArt Festival on the community during 2024.

Of all the issues that were addressed in the workshop, priority was given to changes and new ideas that should be made in the 12th edition of the FemArt Festival. These lessons were put into the Artpolis work strategy and from the day after the workshop, the preparatory work for FemArt 12 has started.

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