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Sales exhibitions “Heart’s beads”

October 3, 2019


Smile, solidarity, support and love were distributed at the sales exhibition “Heart’s beads”, organized by Art and Community Center – Artpolis. A lot of accessories like: necklaces, bracelets and earrings, made with love and energy by Possible Victims of Trafficking, under the mentor-ship of the artist Njomëza Luci, has been presented on 27th of September, 2019, at Menza Ramiz Sadiku, from 13:00 – 15:00.

The motto “Come and take some love with you” thrilled and brought together a diverse public in one place, to support the event. Meanwhile, funds raised from the sale of handmade products, has been dedicated to women who have worked these accessories.

This exhibition comes as a result of 8 sessions of the workshop “Creative Thinking for Empowerment of victims of trafficking and potential victims of trafficking” within the project “Building Resilience and social inclusion of victims of trafficking and presumed victims of trafficking”.  The whole workshop was conducted in the premises and in collaboration with the Mental Health Center in Pristina

The Project “Socio-Economic and Psycho-social Empowerment of Victims of Trafficking and Possible Victims of Trafficking” is funded by the EU’s “Moving Forward: Promoting Greater Efficiency and Effectiveness in the Fight against Trafficking Human Beings” project. A project implemented by a consortium led by the Family and Childcare Center (KMOP).

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