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Social campaign during Covid-19: Did you know that…

July 15, 2020


The social campaign “Sexual harassment in Kosovo” initiated by Art and Community Center – Artpolis was organized during Covid-19.

Sexual harassment implies any from form of unwanted verbal, nonverbal or physical behavior of a sexual nature, for the purpose of dignity encroachment or that violates the dignity of the person, and creates an environment which is objectively intimidating, hostile, degrading or humiliating.

Behaviors that are considered sexual harassment may be of nature (but not limited to): verbal, nonverbal, physical, visual.

Sexual harassment has consequences of a psychic, emotional, and physical nature. This affects the proper integration of women in society, her position and her advancement in every other sphere.

This activity is part of the HumanRightivism Project, implemented by Community Development Fund (CDF) supported by Sida and CFD.

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