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“In Between” by Agnes Nokshiqi

June 14, 2023


The truth spoken aloud opens the way for humanity and understanding! This was the message conveyed by the well-known artist Agnes Nokshiqi through her last performance “In Between”.

On Tuesday night, June 13, 2023, the audience gathered on the ground floor of the Bubble Pub to watch this intimate show about a woman’s troubled past. Located within the stage space, the audience became an active part of this event.

Agnes’ soulful performance, with little movement, resembled the great impulses of the original feeling which this performance was intended to create. Mostly lying down and tired Agnes for fifty minutes managed to present metaphors of pain, an expression of human pain, challenges and big questions towards self-knowledge.

In the second part of the show, she started asking personal questions to the audience, such as: “What are you sorry for?”, “Which moment of your life defines you?”, “Are you ready to tell with your body what you cannot say in words?”. Gripped by their personal life, the audience responded in the most sincere way, resulting in long hugs with the actress on stage, which ultimately left the taste and message that the truth spoken out loud, opens the way for humanity and understanding!

This performance was supported by the Artpolis Feminist Art Fund, which is supported by Kosovo Foundation for Civil Society (KCSF) program ‘EJA Kosovo’, co- financed by the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC), Sweden and the Government of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.

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