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“Theater Based Education” Training – Artpolis & IOM

March 6, 2018

The Center for Art and Community – Artpolis in support of IOM, organized a three-day workshop “Theater-based Education”.

Eighteen selected participants from more than 50 applications from the municipalities of Prishtina and Mitrovica were part of this workshop, engaging with each other and the theater to bring about positive changes in the community.

This was accomplished with the involvement of director Zana Hoxha – Krasniqi and actor Lulzim Bucolli, both qualified trainers for “Theater Based Education” and community engagement in Art. Participants learned about theatrical techniques for building forum theater performances, the discussion process with the public, and their use in communities. Young people and young people of this group express concern about the municipalities where they come to many phenomena related to the rights of marginalized groups, focusing on women’s rights and gender-based violence.

Taba Kelmendi participant, has expressed her gratitude for participating in the Training for Theater-based Coaching Education “It was an amazing experience, ranging from trainers, organization, patricipants and hospitality. I’ve learned so much and I’ve got a big ‘luggage’ with information for these three days. Being part of Artpolis, has made me mind-open to me as a person, I believe that everyone is equal and everyone should be involved in these amazing trainings. Just as it has had a great impact on me, I believe it would have the same impact on many young people. “

Dzenita Shabani, another participant in the training, said, “First of all I am very grateful to Zana Hoxha Krasniqi, who never forgets to invite me to be part of these trainings. In this training I learned different strategies about theater activities, which helped me to use them as an everyday component. Therefore, these kinds of activities were so useful to each of us and coaches’ messages are also useful for different situations throughout life. “

Arbër Mustafa another participant said, “There is a lot of problem finding something that has not made me feel good during this 3 day training. People like Artpolis staff should have as much as ours. Very positive, motivating, timely and prudent at any moment during the training. I had missed a diversity of people like this. I learned new techniques about theater, acting and not just. “

The youth and the news of this group were informed about the continuation of the project “Theater for Community and Youth Engagement”. Each group will return to their municipalities with the knowledge and skills acquired to involve more young people in this process, creating new performances that they will present in their municipalities.

The trainees praised a project as frustrating as it enjoyed the fact for many reasons: Knowledge on theater techniques and their use to address community issues, getting acquainted with enthusiastic peers from other municipalities to make changes in the community.

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