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Tumulus, chemin géopoétique – A stage movements workshop

November 18, 2019

October 29– 30, 2019, The National Library

Tumulus, chemin géopoétique / Tumulus, geo-poetical path, is a troupe of renowned artists and choreographers from France who, during a two-day workshop at the National Library, dated 29.10.209-30.10.2019 in cooperation with Art and Community Center – Artpolis, gathered professional actors/actresses and future young actors/actresses for a ‘geo-poetical journey’ through the dance and stage movements.

Sophie Bocquet, the interesting trainer of this workshop enthusiastically conveyed the knowledge to the participants and shared her experiences. Her dance has a theatrical approach, with a focus on “little” modest things that each person could bring and carry and that are – in fact – bright and beautiful.

Philippe-Ahmed Braschi, Andrea Sitter, Sophie Bocquet the ‘three musketeers’ of the troupe “Tumulus, chemin géopoétique” from Paris, have traveled through Kosovo training children, youngsters of all communities but also of different categories living in Kosovo, through a unique choreography. Prishtina, North Mitrovica, Peja are some of the cities where they held their workshops. It is not the first time that they have visited our country and are loving it more and more.

Who knows, maybe we will meet them again and experience another geo-poetical journey??

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