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V, a voice of change, inspires feminists

November 22, 2023


The artistic evening with V (formerly Eve Ensler), that took place on November 21, 2023 unfolded like a delicate blossom, petals of empowerment unfurling one by one — an embodiment of resilience, art, advocacy, and activism. The evening was jointly organized by the Kosovo Women’s Network (KWN) and Artpolis – Art and Community Center. As the audience trickled into the amphitheater of the National Library of Kosova “Pjetër Bogdani,” the air buzzed with anticipation, an electric current of shared excitement weaving through the room.

While the lights in the audience dimmed, the actress Zhaneta Xhemajli from Artpolis’s Ensemble stood at the center of the stage, bathed in a gentle spotlight. In a voice that wove words into a tapestry of emotion, she began to recite V’s poem “Manifesto to young women and girls” from “I am an emotional creature”—a lyrical dance that explored the intricacies of womanhood. The audience, suspended in the cadence of the verses, felt the power of language transcend the boundaries of mere words. The poem, like a rallying cry, set the tone for the evening.

Following the poetic performance, V engaged in a discussion moderated by Zana Hoxha, Founder and Executive Director of Artpolis – Art and Community Center, exploring the nuances of feminist art and activism. Their dialogue was a dance of ideas, choreography of intellect and passion, a deep conversation between feminist activists. V’s insights, born from a lifetime of advocacy, painted a vivid portrait of the ongoing struggle for gender equality. The audience listened intently, each word a brushstroke on the canvas of understanding.

As the conversation unfolded, the audience became an active participant in the evening. Questions, like shooting stars, streaked across the room, illuminating the depth of curiosity and the hunger for change. V responded with eloquence and candor, her words echoing through the space like a mantra of empowerment.

“The dream is alive. We have the power to reclaim the world. We will persist until the violence comes to an end.”, said V, among other things.

The closure of the evening approached with a second poetic performance, this time by Donikë Ahmeti from Artpolis’s Ensemble performing “I Call You Body” by V, a poem that celebrates the human form’s beauty and vulnerability, recognizing the body not merely as a physical entity but as a vessel that carries stories, resilience, and the profound essence of being.

As the final words echoed, the room erupted in applause—a thunderous acknowledgment of the artistic brilliance and the indomitable spirit of V. The evening had been a celebration of feminism, a collective exploration of the female experience through the prism of art and activism.

As the audience spilled into the night, the echoes of that artistic evening lingered in their hearts. V’s words, the poetry, the discussions, and the shared moments of connection had become seeds planted in the soil of change. The evening was not merely an event; it was a catalyst for transformation, an invitation to continue the journey toward a world where every woman’s voice could be heard, celebrated, and empowered.

This event was organized by the Kosova Women’s Network and Artpolis with the support of the National Library of Kosova.

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