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Workshop “Addressing sexual harassment within public universities in Kosovo” – Gjilan

November 4, 2019

October 24 – 25, 2019

Artpolis – Art and Community Center organized a two-day workshop “Addressing sexual harassment within public universities in Kosovo” on 24th- 25th of October, 2019 in cooperation with “Kadri Zeka” University – Gjilan.

The participants of this workshop were students from “Kadri Zeka” University, whom together with the lecturers of this workshop: Emirëjeta Kumnova – Psychologist and Diellza Bezera – Coordinator from Artpolis elaborated the issue of sexual harassment within public universities in Kosovo.

Emirëjeta Kumnova discussed on these topics: Sexual Harassment – Definition, Identification of Harassing Behaviors; Behaviors that may constitute sexual harassment; Psychological consequences of sexual harassment; Sexual harassment within Public Universities; Challenges in reporting and addressing them.

Diellza Bezera discussed on these topics: – Legal framework on sexual harassment in Kosovo – Sexual harassment policies in public universities – Challenges and opportunities on addressing cases of sexual harassment in practice.

“We should never feel guilty about being bullied”, “Very comfortable and open for conversation because it had a pleasant atmosphere”, “More detailed information on the articles and competent authorities dealing with this problem”, were some of the students’ comments about the workshop.

This workshop implemented by Artpolis is supported by the non-governmental organization CFD/Switzerland under the framework “Jointly and creatively against gender based violence”.

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