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Young women to participate in peacebuilding – Focus groups

July 30, 2021

June – July 2021

A new initiative supported by Kvinna till Kvinna and implemented by the Alternative Girls’ Center / Serbia and the Art and Community Center – Artpolis / Kosovo, began with the girls who participated in the Feminist Spring School, in the last 6 editions, 2014 – 2021.

In addition to the evaluation of this school, held for 6 years in a row, the purpose of this project was to reunite these young women, participants of the Feminist Spring School, interested in contributing to peace policies in the region and creating a document of recommendations, which would be related to the participation of young women from Kosovo and Serbia in the dialogue and negotiations process of Kosovo – Serbia. The girls will contribute to the culture of peace from a gender perspective that supports the strengthening of democracy in Kosovo and Serbia and the building of a cross-border dialogue between young women activists.

In order to achieve a slightly more diverse result and to get diverse views from the girls, three focus groups were created, with topics: 1. Art and activism; 2. Political actions and 3. Feminist theories, with which online meetings were held, where based on questions and discussions with each group, proposals, comments and recommendations were issued.

“We are not experts, but even so peace is not expertise. Maybe some powers are incomparable, and some influences are disproportionate. When we talk about politics, it often seems to us that change is impossible, and we are lonely.

However, it is important not to underestimate ourselves, not to become passive believing in helplessness!

After completing the 6 virtual meetings and after having the questionnaires answered by the focus group participants, the Alternative Girls’ Center / Serbia and the Art and Community Center – Artpolis / Kosovo, will prepare a document with the results and recommendations of these meetings, to be submitted to the relevant institutions responsible for the Kosovo / Serbia dialogue process.

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