Representations Visits

Zana Hoxha the Laureate of Future Leaders program by French Ministry of Foreign Affairs

October 1, 2022


Nominated by the French Embassy in Kosovo, Zana Hoxha was honored by French Government for her leadership in gender equality, advocacy, social enhancement, and women rights.

Zana, who is a Theater Director and Executive Director of Artpolis and FemArt Festival, stayed in France from 25th-30th September, 2022, sharing her experience with high dignified French personalities, as well learning more about Feminist French diplomacy .

“During her entire stay, she showed an unfailing commitment and impressed many of her interlocutors with her dedication to her work in Kosovo to fight for equality and against any kind of discrimination and violence against women”, stated by the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Besides meetings and discussion on gender equality and feminism, she had a special reception from state institutions and non-governmental organizations in France.

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