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Artpolis expands its vision in the “Strategic Planning” workshop

August 30, 2021

25-28 august, 2021

On August 25-28, 2021, Artpolis held the workshop “Strategic Planning” in the fascinating beauty of the Valbona Valley, where the ideas and plans of the staff and actors of the Artpolis Resident Artistic Troupe were combined.

The whole process took place under the leadership of coach Shqipe Malushi, who has in her biography many years of experience in the field of leadership and strategic planning, among others. Since the very beginning of the workshop she emphasized “the importance of believing in the same vision as work colleagues, in order for everyone to be in the same page and have the approximate same will to achieve it”.

Through a variety of group and individual exercises, the participants went deep to acknowledge themselves, their values and that of the organization as foundation for defining Artpolis vision for the coming years.

During the work, a synergy was created between the staff and the actors of the resident artistic troupe of Artpolis, which undoubtedly translates into more efficient work towards achieving the objectives and fulfilling the vision of the organization.

“It is the first time that officially the staff and the artistic troupe together work on strategic planning for Artpolis, aiming to write the path forward for the organization”, said Zana Hoxha, Founder/Director of Artpolis and FemArt Festival.

Work on more detailed definition of objectives and drafting Artpolis new strategy has just begun.

Apart from the workshop, there was no way to miss a walk in the beautiful mountains of Valbona.

On the last day of the training some of the participants climbed to the waterfall, led by actor Kushtrim Qerimi.

Supported by: Kvinna till Kvinna

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