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Artpolis participated in the panel discussion “Art as a Tool for Overcoming Stereotypes”

June 17, 2024


On June 17, 2024, in Novi Sad, partners from the “UNMASC! Promoting Gender Justice with Socially Engaged Theatre” project—Artpolis (Prishtina), Kulturhaus Brotfabrik (Vienna),  — took part in a panel discussion titled “Art as a Tool for Overcoming Stereotypes.” This event was part of the Festival of Reconciliation, themed “Dare to Reconcile” organized and led by the third partner of the project, Kulturanova (Novi Sad).

Panelists included Tilman Fromelt, Danilo Jovanović, Andrea Visotshnig, Venera Ismaili, and Shpetim Selmani. The panel was moderated by Milan Vračar and Jelena Božić.
The discussion focused on how art and culture play a significant role in breaking down stereotypes, prejudices, and xenophobia. These tools foster discussion, creativity, dialogue, and the acceptance of diversity, which are particularly important for the Western Balkans and beyond for promoting peaceful coexistence among young people.

Key points from the discussion included: Art and culture are effective in driving positive social change through micro-activism; activism and art are intertwined and enhance the reach and impact of social messages; youth mobility, personal experiences, and networking are crucial for skill and knowledge exchange.

Panelists agreed that young people are vulnerable to negative narratives and need support through cultural and artistic engagement.
They noted and accounted numerous activities and actions of the Serbia-Kosovo collaborations involved joint artistic projects.

For future progress, the panelists emphasized the need for new formats, more institutional support, and stronger networking among activists in the civil sector.

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