The “Theater-Based Education” training helped me to rise professionally

May 8, 2020


Rrezarta Dermaku

Children with special needs are not anything unusual. They just want to be like others, to be accepted.

We all know that Art-based learning encourages expression through drama, dance, music, film, etc., where all students can participate either by creating ‘art’ or by being engaged in artwork. The value of art activities for children with special needs cannot be emphasized enough. Art provides children especially those with special needs, a possibility to express and to be creative. Art activities are good ways to promote self-esteem.

Because no work of art is ever “wrong,” children with special needs do not need to worry that their art will not be “as good” as others! Since art is a new experience for many children with special needs, the “Theater-Based Education” training is a great idea for me to help them start talking while demonstrating ways by used materials and techniques.

Children want to explore, to encourage them to be as independent as possible, but always making sure to be there to help if needed. “Theater-Based Education” for children with special needs helps them in many ways, and this includes: building excellent motor skills and problem solving, improving communication and expression, promoting self-esteem and motivation to succeed.

Through art, we can help build self-esteem, bring joy, and provide motivation for children.

Thank you for bringing the joy of art to the lives of children with special needs!

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