“Fefu and Her Friends,” a Theatrical Protest for Gender Equality

October 23, 2023


On Friday night, the Dodona Theater in Prishtina was transformed into a feminist space. “Fefu and Her Friends” gathered to provide the audience with an in-depth exploration of the world of women, gender equality, and, above all, exciting stories about the role of women within the patriarchal system and their quest for freedom.

Directed by Arlinda Morin-Liki, this theater performance also delves into the issues surrounding society’s expectations of women, the injustices of power, and the challenges women face in finding their place in a society filled with inequality. “Fefu and Her Friends,” written by Julies Aaron and Maria Irene Fornes, offers a significant window into the oppression of patriarchy and the path to liberation through feminism, prompting us to reflect on the social norms and structures that hinder gender equality.

“Fefu and Her Friends,” an Artpolis production, reached its zenith when women united in unanimous protest against oppression, patriarchy, and various forms of violence. Fefu (Aurita Agushi), Cindy (Zhaneta Xhemajli), Christina (Qendresa Kajtazi), Juli (Donike Ahmeti), Ema (Vlora Dervishi), Cecilia (Blerta Gubetini), and Paula (Dora Xhemajli) stood in solidarity with all women, singing “‘The spring blossoms are in the air’ – The patriarchy is ending, freedom is coming, there is no power that will push us backwards, your oppression is coming to an end!”.

As they sang, they also waved the flags of the LGBTQI+ communities. Such a theatrical experience encourages us to reflect on the diversity and differences within society, calling upon us to commit ourselves daily to building a more open and just society.

The next rerun of “Fefu and Her Friends” will take place on October 25th at 19:30 at the Dodona Theatre.

📸 Esad Duraki

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