Activism Activities Projects

Feminist Spring School 2017

March 5, 2018

Center of Girls from Serbia and Artpolis – Art and Community Center from Kosova, together organized the 3rd edition of the Feminist Spring School, as part of the mutual project “Dialog for Peace – Exchanging experiences of Women from Kosovo and Serbia”, supported by Kvinna till Kvinna, Sweden.

The first part of the Feminist Spring School was held from 23-26 of March in Zlatibor, Serbia 2017. During these days, lecturers that shared their experiences and who made this school attractive were: Andrijana Kocič, Anita Dragosavac, Zoe Gudovič, Lepa Mladenovič and Jadranka Miličević.

Whereas, 20 young women participated from Kosovo and Serbia, showing great willingness to learn more about Feminism history. Together, the participants of FSS were motivated to create a mutual commitment for the empowerement of women from Kosovo and Serbia.

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