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Feminist Spring School 2023 – Second part

November 8, 2023

4-7.11.2023, Prizren

The second part of the Feminist Spring School, attended by the 9th generation of young feminist women from November 4-7, 2023, has come to an end.

This time the beautiful city of Prizren, with its cultural diversity, welcomed the young activists from Kosova and Serbia in a joint cultural and feminist journey.

The topics that were lectured and discussed in the group were: “Women’s Cooperation and Movement since the 1990s”, “Proclaiming the Dignity: Recognizing the Status of Survivors of Sexual Violence in the Recent Kosova War”, “Breaking Stereotypes: Empowering Women in Media and Unmasking Fake News”, documentary “Biba May – No More! An inspiring narrative to empower young women with disabilities”, “Integrated Security: Empowering Women on Self-Care, Activism, and Reflection in Action”, and “Breaking Barriers: Challenging Gender Roles in Film”.

Group work, presentations, film screenings, discussions, games, and cultural tours were the activities that filled the four days of the Feminist Spring School.

The participants in this edition were inspired and motivated by activists and lecturers with extensive experience in various fields, including Igo Rogova, Lepa Mlađenović, Feride Rushiti, Jeta Xharra, Resmije Rahmani, Yllka Soba, and Elena Avdija.

The Feminist Spring School also hosted the supporters of this activity, Mrs. Visare Mujko Nimani from UNFPA and Mrs. Tamara Smidling from the KtK Foundation, who addressed the participants with motivational speeches.

The second part of the Feminist Spring School was organized by the Center for Art and Community – Artpolis and the Alternative Girls Center/Kruševac, with the support of the Kvinna till Kvinna Foundation, as well as UNFPA in the framework of “Youth 4 Inclusion, Equality & Trust”.

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