Forum Theater

Forum Theater “Inheritance” – Second Week

March 6, 2018

The Center for Art and Community – Artpolis within the project “Promotion of Private Sector Employment” supported by Swisscontact, organized the presentation of “HISJA” performance in four high schools in the municipality of Prishtina with the aim of addressing gender stereotypes , social norms and patriarchal traditions, also to encourage the change of existing attitudes towards women and girls.

Moderator: Lulzim Bucolli
Director: Zana Hoxha – Krasniqi
Played: Donika Ahmeti, Kushtrim Qerimi and Edlir Gashi.

During the period 16.10.2017 – 19.10.2017 the show “INHERITANCE” was presented in four high schools in the Municipality of Pristina, schools like:

SHML “Gjin Gazulli” and “7 September” on 16.10.2017, 11:00 – present were about 150 students;
SHML “Abdyl Frashëri” on 17.10.2017, time 10:00 – present were about 45 students;
SHML “Prenk Jakova” on 18.10.2017, time 13:00 – present were about 50 students;
SHML “28 Nëntori” on 19.10.2017, 12:00 – present were about 25 students.

Pupils from high school have shown great interest in property and inheritance rights, after about 40 minutes of discussion in each school. Throughout the discussion the students were very active, trying to change the characters’ attitudes, have multiple questions to the characters, and their worries were more or less similar.

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