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Forum Theater performance “Ballet for all”

November 12, 2021


“Ballet for all”, performance about depression and the challenges of the profession

On Friday, November 12, 2021, the theater club of the champion school “Thimi Mitko” from Gjilan presented the forum theater performance “Ballet for all”.

At the Youth Center “Social Hub” these young people brought in front of the public where the topic of depression is addressed, and the challenges faced by a young man who wants to pursue his dream, ballet. Due to being overweight, he fails to make the proper movements of a dancer for which his trainer asks him to reduce food.

But, such a thing causes him great pressure, leading him towards depression. His behavior at school changes, his peers also start criticizing the ballet coach. Until he is asked to stop the diet he started. But, how he will act is a decision that he shows after the end of the show in discussion with the public.

His dream of ballet is greater than his current food suffering. The debate with the public was quite active, who advise the trainer to have a better approach to the friend to push him towards losing weight.

This play was created under the mentorship of actor Kushtrim Qerimi.

“This project is organized by Artpolis – Art and Community Center, with the support of GIZ Kosovo on behalf of the German Government”


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