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Forum Theater performance “You are not alone”

November 4, 2021


Forum theater performance “You are not alone”, show the power of solidarity

The pupils of the theater club of the school “Ibrahim Fehmiu” in Prizren, on November 3, 2021, brought before the public a show with a strong message showing the true power that solidarity can have in each of us.

The economic crisis in the family affects each of its members, and sometimes the consequences can be severe. Two minors are forced to leave school to go out on the streets to sell, but their absence at school worries their friends, who cannot remain silent about what they are seeing.

With an unparalleled dedication, they manage to get the two students back to school, helping their families as well.
However, returning is not so easy for them, as some of their friends bully them for the work they have done, but they are not alone in this battle either. The friends who brought them back to school are there to protect them in this case as well.

After the show, the audience had the opportunity to ask each of the characters about their experiences and challenges, but also commenting on the behaviors of the characters on stage.

This performance of the theater club of the school “Ibrahim Fehmiu” was created under the mentorship of the actor Armend Ballazhi.

“This project is organized by Artpolis – Art and Community Center, with the support of GIZ Kosovo on behalf of the German Government”


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