Four Workshops on ‘The Power of Love’ and Documentary Screening of ‘Biba May – No More’ Held

June 28, 2024


Artpolis organized four workshops titled “The Power of Love” from June 24-27, 2024. During these workshops, the documentary “Biba May – No More” was also presented.

These workshops were organized in close collaboration with the KRCT (Kosovar Center for the Rehabilitation of Survivors of Torture) and the Center for the Promotion of Women’s Rights in Drenas. Two of them were held at the KRCT premises in Pristina, and two at the Center for the Promotion of Women’s Rights in Drenas.

The workshops focused on positive thinking, achievements, values, and support systems. The unique presentation and communication style of Shqipe Malushi enabled participants to laugh, cry, and share their deepest feelings.

After the screening of the documentary “Biba May – No More,” the protagonist, Resmije Rahmani, spoke with the women about her life, motivating and inspiring them to focus on their dreams.

The women were extremely happy after a day of sharing their hopes for the future with one another.

Four additional workshops will be held in Gjakova in September.

These activities were organized by Artpolis in collaboration with KRCT in Prishtina and the Center for Promotion of Women’s Rights in Drenas, with the support of the Joseph Handleman Foundation and the Dr. Hedwig Stauffer Foundation.

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