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“Hopes & Dreams” – Youth Performance

September 17, 2019


“Hopes & Dreams” – Youth Performance

Center “Fidan Lahu” in Fushe Kosovo on September 12 welcomed five girls and boys, young actors, in a performance of Forum Theater “Hopes and Dreams”.

This performance aims to address and promote youth rights for access to quality education, the right to choose a career and the need for access in career orientation programs.   

“Lea, Diana, Onati, Dreni and Rinor are 5 youngsters who told us their stories, their struggles, their hopes and dreams. They expressed their satisfactions and dissatisfactions in regards to their daily jobs. Even though there is only one of them who actually work for a job he likes, they all showed us that if we truly want something we should never stop chasing our dreams and keep them alive.”

After the wonderful performance of these young men and women, a debate was opened with the present audience related to the theme of the show. About 40 people, as much as there was space in the “Fidan Lahu” center, mentors and students, parents, teachers were involved by asking direct questions to the performers, such as: “How do you feel about doing the work you don’t love? “,” Why didn’t you follow your dream? “,” Why don’t you have the support of your parents? “,” How did you get something you liked? “, were some of the questions from the spectators.

The performance aims to empower young people by giving special emphasis on career orientation, raising awareness on the importance of choosing a career and developing the necessary skills to fulfill their professional aspirations.

The audience was diverse, mostly from Roma, Ashkalia and Egyptian Communities.

Actresses/Actors: Linda Hyseni, Semra Keriq, Ibrahim Berisha, Leotrim Berisha, Muhamet Ademi.

Moderator: Diellza Bezera

This activity has been supported by UNFPA while realized and organized by Art and Community Center – Artpolis.

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