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Panel Discussion: Activism as art – art as activism

July 19, 2019

Festival ArtFemine 6 – Nish, Serbia – July 6, 2019

The long term cooperation between Art and Community Center – Artpolis, Prishtina and Centar za devojke, Nish – Serbia, continued this year with the visit of activists from Artpolis to ArtFemine 6 – the festival of feminist activism and art that this year was held on July 4 – 7, 2019 in Nish. The Nish festival with motto ‘Place for you’ also organized several activities, including a discussion panel on “Activism as Art – Art as Activism”.

The Nish festival with motto ‘Place for you, too’ also organized several activities, including a discussion panel on “Activism as Art – Art as Activism”. In this panel, moderated by the actress Dragana Jovanovic, was discussed about how art has the power to move the masses. The role of activism in society, in the form of art, has a great influence on the country where it operates. “Our activities are always developed through art, specifically through theater or social discussions, to break the barriers of patriarchal society in Kosovo. Through art, our activities have managed to convey messages about social change and empower women and young people for a diverse society”, said Venera Ismaili from Artpolis, during the panel discussion. She mentioned the play Forum Theatre “Stigma-Claim for Your Rights”, which was organized in all Kosovo cities, in front of the of the different audiences, such as: high school students, school employees, directors and representatives of municipality and governmental institutions, activists of non-governmental organizations, artists, etc. This performance deals with a very sensitive topic, a story based on the recent war in Kosovo, survivors of sexual violence and their stigmatization by the society in which they live. She also mentioned the FemArt festival as one of the most prestigious festivals in the region, with international dimensions dedicated to artists and activists of feminism. This year, the festival marked the seventh edition and participants were artists, activists from the country, region, Europe, America, Africa and Asia. The motto of the festival was “Freedom Vs. Shame” to encourage women to take ownership of their lives and decision-making, promoting a life without prejudice and judgment.

Other panelists were artists and activists from Nish, Belgrade, Bosnia and Herzegovina, North Macedonia and Croatia who also exchanged experiences and opinions about art and activism.

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