Performance “Are you a girl or are you a boy?!

March 4, 2021


The performance will include music, movement, love stories, intrigues, hatred and pain caused to the LGBTI+ community due to not being accepted as people with different sexual preferences and different expression of their gender identity.

The scene opens with a young boy who wishes to look like a girl. The family forces him to get into boxing in order to become manlier. Yet, he wishes to put on his mother’s dresses that she wears every day, to put on wild and beautiful make-up in front of the mirror. Lack of expression of our wishes distorts our identity, perception of ourselves, thus creating internal and dangerous monsters.

Being different is not a sin, on the contrary, it adds nuances to humanity in many spheres.

PERFORMANCE “ARE YOU A GIRL OR ARE YOU A BOY!?… – premiere, and ARTPOLIS Production.Director: Arlinda Morina
Author: Uresa Ahmeti;
Costume designer: Plasticllori;
Videography: Rron Ismajli;
Actors: Hajat Toçilla; Diva; Agatha Bones; Vjeshta;

Director Assistant: Qëndresa LokiThis activity is implemented by Artpolis and supported by UNFPA Kosovo and cfd– Zvicër

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