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Poetry For Power – Every day is 8th March

March 17, 2020


“Me, your daughter, Kosovo,
I know your silent desires, I know your dreams,
the winds that have been dormant for centuries, I know your sufferings, the joys, the deaths, I know your white births, your boald goals,
I know your blood that boils in your bosom, the waves when beats you in the sleepless nights,
and explode like a volcano, better than anyone I know you, Kosovo,
Me, your daughter. ”

With these beautiful verses of the Albanian poet Ali Podrimja, our artist Melihate Qena with a unique interpretation opened the poetic evening “Poetry for Power – every day is 8March”, to continue with Shpetim Selmani, our actor and poet with verses of his:

“I get very upset.
In the evenings when you give me strength to live,
I don’t want you to be there rubbing my hands,
I want to be free, like a dog,
It seems like everything that belonged to me
You took it and hid it from me,
And won’t give it back
I can’t get it back,..”

In the meantime other artists and poets sitting on the stage,  Sibel Halimi, Qendresa Kajtazi, Daniela Markaj, Arbër Selmani, Ardiana Rexhepi, Edis Galushi, were waiting for their turn to perform the well-known versus of the different poets, specially selected for this evening.

The poetic evening “Poetry for Power – every day is 8March”, was organized to mark the 8th March, The International Women’s Day.

The beautiful atmosphere, accompanied by the music band “Don’t listen to your neighbors” made the audience to feel completely the event. Inspired they became part of the scene performing their preferred poems.

This activity was implemented by Artpolis and supported by UNFPA Kosovo and cfd – Zwitcerland.

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