Retreat Capacity Building Workshop – Durres

December 8, 2020

13 – 15. 11. 2020

Artpolis conducted a retreat in Durres “Capacity building workshop”. The primary purpose was to fulfill the trategic objectives of the Artpolis’ Strategy 2018 – 2020. The workshop also aimed to increase staff capacity in order to improve skills, knowledge, prepare and train staff on Project Management Cycle and Team building, in order to do their job competently adapting to the future circumstances or changes that have come or may come as a result of COVID- 19 and strengthen the organizational capacity and implementation plans.

Main objectives:

  • Capacity building for Artpolis staff members
  • Elaboration on the Logframe and intervention logic for the new proposal to be submitted to cfd including Indicators, Logframe and intervention logic for the new project proposal
  • Sharing and addressing the results of the evaluation report of the cfd – Artpolis partnership
  • Preparation of a strategic plan – dealing with COVID-19 for 2020-2021
  • Evaluating Artpolis & FemArt challenges facing covid-19 (including activities changed and modified).

The two-day session was realized through external collaborators, experts in relevant fields such as Kushtrim Shaipi and Valdete Idrizi, who through presentations and practical work managed to create a very creative and successful working atmosphere.

The sessions were quite interactive and provided a reflection on the work done so far but also the possibility of improvement for the future. Part of the staff was also the representative of CFD – Antigona Dajakaj and jointly discussed and identified the general goals, set some specific objectives, results, etc.

After the workshop, each staff member reflected and provided their inputs regarding lesson learned, some of which are listed below:

  • Project Management Cycle’ perspective from an outsider/consultant was an opportunity for the entire staff to get fully involved and learn together
  • An active participation of all staff members is necessary to get more inputs and reflect on what went well /what did not go so well.  Also to identify the problems/issues and challenges.
  • Participation of financing staff for the first time in project writing was an interesting experience and necessary to understand better the project management processes
  • The Capacity Building provided during the workshop is effective for employee development and contributes to the organization success and sustainability.

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