Young Professionals from “Mercatory Fellowship” Learn About Artpolis’ Artistic Activism

May 21, 2024


On May 21, 2024, young professionals from Switzerland and Germany had the opportunity to learn about the artistic activism of Artpolis during a visit to the organization’s offices.

25 students from the Mercator Fellowship on International Affairs were welcomed by Artpolis’ project manager, Venera Ismaili, and project coordinator, Berat Bajrami. The presentation of Artpolis’ artistic activism began with a video showcasing the organization’s 20 years of work, from theatrical performances to street protests and marches, from educating girls about feminism to empowering youth through theater-based education.

Ismaili and Bajrami answered numerous questions from the students, who expressed a strong interest in learning more about the current situation in Kosovar society and the impact of feminist activism in Kosovo and the region.

Below are two of their comments following this inspiring meeting:

“It’s at the intersection of politics and art that real change can happen. At Artpolis, we have listened to twenty years of experiences and ideas about what is (im)possible to express through the body and the mind. Our discussions lingered on definitions of feminism, hopes for European futures, and the need to live in discomfort in order to create change.”

“It was a great pleasure moderating the talk with Artpolis. I loved how the passion for social change is the main driver of the work. The atmosphere was very open, so we could gain a deeper understanding of societal issues in Kosovo and exchange about the power of art to tackle these challenges.”

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