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“Technology & Art” Workshop gathered 50 young artists!

April 12, 2022


“Technology & Art” Workshop gathered university professors and young artists from different fields, students who follow their dreams through the arts.

On April 12th 2022, in the special campus space of UBT – Higher Education Institution in Lipjan this workshop took place under the leadership and training of Gazmend Ejupi, who with his energy, passion, communication skill created a high interactive informal high level workshop for curious young artists and students.

The workshop started with creative drawings that participants their talent and skill, transforming sketches into sculptures and installations, led by the artist Burim Berisha.

Followed by the piano sounds during the entire workshop interpreted by Leon Qerkin, young artists continued to paint guided by Laura Ymeri.

Lunch break with rich choices of organic food grown in UBT greenhouses, were prepared by the students of The Food Science Department, led by Lorika Salihu.

An important place took the fashion design and photography lectures. Regardless of physical tiredness of participants, the last part was exciting for all of them who were entertained, enthusiastic trying new technology in virtual reality together with professor Zymer Veliu, concluding the workshop with a graphite in the UBT space.

The discussion about intertwining technology and art as an individual and group format was used regarding the possibilities how to use this technology in career management.

An important experience was witnessed by UBT students who not only participated, but volunteered in assisting the trainers and teachers. Among them were: Egzon Boshtrakaj, Migena Halilaj, Ndriçim Hakiu, Jasemin Morina, Ardi Ibrahimi and Ardi Shishko who made the difference.

This workshop was supported by Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC)

📸 Rilind Beqa

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