The drama “Top Girls”, about powerful women

November 3, 2022


The stage of the theater came to life and was filled with powerful women, they were the actresses of the drama “Top Girls”, who through their modern and classic performance, managed to reflect the reality of wide viewing and treatment from the childhood of the man to women as “property” in different periods of the history of the patriarchal society.

The drama comes as a picture of the life of women in these societies, which shows the consequence of the destruction and often the degeneration of their lives by men. Historically, men have been raised and educated to dominate with the strength of being a man and have no right to show the strength to oppress women when they want and how they want. Also, show with pride and pride the manly ego and the power he has in the family and society.

Directed by Shkurtë Ali, the drama “Top Girls” touches on another important element of patriarchy – women do not fight enough for their rights, which are due to them by law. They are subject to the norms of patriarchy. However, indirectly, it conveys the message that women should lead their own lives, never surrender to men without their desire and consent, and in any life situation know how to protect themselves!

The social reality of gossip and intrigue highlighted by women comes through in this drama, which reflects a still existing and dark truth about society. Based on the fact that personal life belongs only to the individual and no one else! Therefore, women are required to eliminate this phenomenon from their daily speech and culture.

Even today, the woman in the democratic society often has similar treatment, we encounter this in those societies, in which elements of patriarchy still prevail, and among these societies, unfortunately, the society of our country is a part. Humanity must reflect and work towards liberation once and for all from the darkness of patriarchy.

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