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The Forum Theater Performance “The exhibition” – SHFMU “Xhemail Mustafa” Prishtinë

October 27, 2021


The students of SHFMU “Xhemail Mustafa” showed their talent in the performance “The exhibition”.

Students of the elementary school “Xhemail Mustafa” showed their talent in the performance “The exhibition”

Surrounded by paintings and drawings in a beautiful scene of the corridor of SHFMU “Xhemail Mustafa” last night, on October 26 the theater club of this school gave an excellent performance in front of the public.

Through this performance, while mentored by the actress of the Artpolis Resident Artistic Troupe, Qendresa Kajtazi, through singing, dancing, and other plays, students addressed the impact and consequences of online learning, linking the pandemic as one of the factors that have left traces to all.

Clashes between students, teachers, and parents over online learning made the performance even more dramatic, sparking an interesting debate with the audience after the show ended, who asked a variety of questions about the characters of the play.

In addition to the presentation of paintings and drawings, in this play were promoted two books of the talented poet of this school, Erblina Luma, which was also part of the play.

“This project is organized by Artpolis – Art and Community Center, with the support of GIZ Kosovo on behalf of the German Government”

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