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“The Other”, a forum theater performance on discrimination and social justice

June 6, 2024


On June 5, 2024, the “Mother Teresa” Learning and Counseling Resource Center in Mitrovica was the hub of the forum theater performance “The Other”, which offered the audience an exploration into sensitive societal issues. This performance, executed by a diverse group of young actors mentored by Shpëtim Selmani and Qendresa Kajtazi of the Artpolis Ensemble, tackled themes of gender and racial discrimination, particularly within the context of job interviews.

“The Other” skillfully addressed pervasive problems such as power abuse, sexual harassment, racism, and bullying. Through its poignant scenes, the play highlighted the struggles faced by marginalized groups, especially women and national minorities. By using the forum theater format, the narrative effectively engaged the audience, allowing them to step into the characters’ shoes and discuss the issues presented on stage.

The cast, featuring Aleksandra Pepkolaj, And Haziri, Blerza Krasniqi, Debora Pacarizi, Elmedin Hyseni, Era Bujupaj, Ismail Pireva, Jor Hoxha, Laurant Gashi, and Leart Ademi, delivered powerful performances that deeply resonated with viewers. Their portrayals sparked meaningful conversations and reflections among the audience members, fulfilling the play’s aim to foster dialogue on critical social issues.

One of the participants in the performance and Theater-Based Education training has regarded it as an extraordinary experience.

“I had a great time at the performance. I really liked how we presented different ideas and changed many things throughout the process to make the performance as good as possible. Qendresa and Shpëtimi made this process very enjoyable. Artpolis is giving me a lot of good experiences. I can’t wait for future trainings. Through Artpolis, I have realized that I enjoy acting and it is something I do with great pleasure. I am very happy because I have met some wonderful people,” said Debora Paçarizi.

This theater performance encouraged proactive discussions about combating discrimination and supporting marginalized communities.

This activity was organized by Artpolis with the support of Embassy of the United States in Kosovo.

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