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The training “Theater Based Education” with young people from Kosovo

May 6, 2019

21 – 22 – 23.04.2019

Art and Community Center – Artpolis has successfully completed the three day training “Theater Based Education”, within dates 21 – 23 April, 2019. This training has been developed under the mentorship of trainers Zana Hoxha – Krasniqi and Qëndresa Kajtazi. This time, participants were 21 young people from all communities living in Kosovo. The training was developed with a focus on theater knowledge, theatrical techniques, improvisation, creating short scenes by participants, breathing exercises, tracking rhythm, analysis, etc.

The topics covered were: bullying, sexual harassment, discrimination and gender equality.  Trainers with inexhaustible energy spared nothing just to offer and create a pleasant and enjoyable atmosphere for the participants.

Young people had the opportunity to create friendship, to know more about art and theater, and also to actively engage in Artpolis – Center for Art and Community.

Young people were able to establish friendship with each other, to get close to art and theater, simultaneously engage and show their talent and creativity during three days of activity organized by  Artpolis – Art and Community. This project was highly appreciated by the participants to emphasize once again that art, in this case, theatre is a tool that unites cultures and eliminates interethnic, gender and religious differences.

This training is provided by UNFPA.

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