The workshop “Embracing the Forgotten” honors the contribution of Albanian women

March 18, 2024


The Artpolis Ensemble had the opportunity to delve into a research as historically significant as it is artistically inspiring through the workshop “Embracing the Forgotten,” led by actress and theater director Maja Mitić.

Held on March 15-17, 2024 in Prishtina, this workshop honored the historical contribution of Albanian women over the years, who often do not receive the deserved societal recognition. From the activism of the Qiriazi Sisters and Marta Prekpalaj to the engagement for the liberation of the country of Shote Galica and Xhevë Lladrovci.

Using various theatrical forms, their stories have been conveyed not only through discussions but also through theatrical games, a special exploration for the creation of performances.

The artists of the Artpolis Ensemble have regarded it as a unique and necessary experience to delve into the inspiring stories of Albanian women.

“It was a mesmerizing journey that made us remember all the women who brought life through movement, emotions, acting, and discussion. All the women we chose had one thing in common, ‘their revolutionary spirit.’ We passed through their time of life, their efforts, their work, their personal lives, and their great dedication to their cause,” said Blerta Gubetini.

For actress Zhaneta Xhemajli, this was a “cultural rediscovery.”

“The workshop felt like a journey of self-discovery and a connection with forgotten legacies, inspiring me to preserve these important narratives,” she said.

Meanwhile, actor Mikel Markaj expressed, “It was an amazing experience to work with Maja and to go through this workshop recalling the great work of people from the past. From many people who left great marks, we took names like the Qiriazi Sisters, Shotë Galica, Xheve Lladrovci, and Marta Prekpalaj.”

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