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Theater Club Established in Vushtrri

May 3, 2024


On May 3, 2024, Artpolis founded the Theater Club in the city of Vushtrri. After a successful audition at “Eqrem Çabej” High School, talented young men and women from the city of Vushtrri have been selected to participate in the “Theatre-Based Education” training.

The Theater Club in Vushtrri was established in close collaboration with the Department of Education, the Department of Culture, and “Eqrem Çabej” High School.

Participants of the Theater Club in Vushtrri will be mentored by actors from the Artpolis Ensemble, Blerta Gubetini and Mikel Markaj, who will assist them in developing artistic skills, exploring themes, and creating forum theatre performances.

These young individuals will have the opportunity to learn about stage art, character creation, directing, and the magic of acting. Above all, they will learn that theatre is not just a collection of words and movements but a reflection of the human spirit and life’s dilemmas. Theatre is a school for thinking, feeling, and changing.

After the performance, forum theatre will empower the audience to interact with the characters, delving deeper into the themes addressed in the play.

This activity is organized by Artpolis with the support of FRIEDA and the Municipality of Vushtrri.

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