Theater performance “Kitchen of Victims”

March 30, 2009

“Kitchen of Victims,” directed by Zana Hoxha, emerges as a groundbreaking theatrical endeavor spotlighting the tumultuous realities faced by contemporary Kosovar women, with a focal point on the pervasive issue of domestic violence. Set within the confines of a kitchen, the play intricately weaves the narratives of four women who have grappled with various forms of violence ranging from psychological and physical abuse to sexual and economic exploitation.

Through meticulous participatory action research, the script captures the diverse perspectives of domestic violence survivors, converging within the shelter where the kitchen serves as a symbol of both solace and suffering. The creation of “Kitchen of Victims” involved thorough research, including visits to shelters and interviews with survivors, shaping a poignant narrative by playwright Ilir Gjocaj that authentically amplifies the voices of those affected by violence.

An interactive ethos imbues the performance as actors directly engage with the audience, fostering a dynamic exchange that transcends mere observation.

This immersive theatrical experience invites spectators to confront the stark realities of domestic violence and actively engage in a collective journey of empathy, comprehension and justice.

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