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Theater performance “Life belongs to me” intertwined blackmail and technology

March 30, 2022


The youngsters of Mitrovica on Wednesday, March 30, 2022 gave the premiere of the forum theater performance “Life belongs to me”.

Prepared under the mentorship of the actors of the Artpolis Artistic Troupe, Edlir Gashi and Mikel Markaj, they / they brought to the public an interesting show addressing the topic of the use of technology and social networks by young men and women that has unfortunately created space for abuse her.

“Life belongs to me” addresses exactly this topic; how does a young girl face blackmail, is her privacy respected, and how do the psychological challenges posed by technology and society affect her ?!

After the performance, the audience of over 110 people had the opportunity to ask questions to the characters, conveying the message that blackmail is a crime, and this phenomenon must be stopped. The victims must rely on this fight, and the blackmailers must face justice.

In this performance played: Arbesa Azemi, Ardijana Shkreli, Mimoza Azemi, Festim Beka, Gresa Ademi, Gresa Dugolli and Donjeta Neziri.

Supported by cfd, City Theater “Muharrem Qena” and Cultural Center “Rexhep Mitrovica”.

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