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Theatre Based Education in the open air.

September 10, 2020

04,05.09 – 06.09.2020 Kukaj

Here we go again .. Art and Community Center – Artpolis organized the training “Theater Based Education”.

This training was held for three days in Kukaj on September 4, 5, and 6, with young men and women from different cities and communities. The training enabled participants to learn theatrical techniques, stage movement, and choreography, improvisation, creation of short scenes by participants, breathing exercises, rhythm tracking, analysis, etc. Keeping distance and masks it also gave them space to socialize with each other to create new friendships despite the differences between them. Topics covered were: gender-based violence, gender equality, sexual harassment, discrimination, abortion, early marriages.

The devotion of the trainers during the training made the participants receive new information, have fun, and feel emotions and on the other hand, the willingness of the young people to learn and get as much as possible from these sessions made the closing of the training full of knowledge, positive energy, and new friendships and be appreciated by young people as an unforgettable experience. And by not leaving aside for a moment the observance of all the rules for protection and prevention of the COVID-19 virus.

The training by thatre director Zana Hoxha, actor Edlir Gashi, choreographerThe ‘Theater Based Education’ training was supported by – UNFPA.

*** This activity was conducted in accordance with the “Manual for protection against the spread of COVID-19 virus” published by the Ministry of Health, as well as the “Draft Law on Preventing and Combating the COVID-19 Pandemic”.

Photo: Meddy Huduti

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