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“Unlimited” in Ferizaj with messages for empowering people with disabilities

March 28, 2024


“Unlimited” in Ferizaj with messages for empowering people with disabilitie

On March 27, 2024, a rerun of the theater performance “Unlimited” was shown at the “Tefik Çanga” elementary school, with actresses from the group of people with special abilities. They bravely and simply shared parts of their lives, causing strong emotions in the audience with their creativity.

💬The message conveyed by the theater performance is that everyone, regardless of their needs, can create, work and live alone. The project closed with empathetic applause, making this an extraordinary moment for everyone.

Their creative skills were also on display after the show, allowing us to see their artistic creations, including poetry, songs, paintings and clay and wood works. The participants were happy about their participation and about the new opportunities for social inclusion.

Participating artists were: Fahri Krasniqi, Afërdita Haxholli, Albin Salihi, Festina Ibishi, Trimor Idrizi, Fortesë Vishesella and Blerina Krasniqi.

The theater performance was realized by Artpolis with the support of the Joseph Handleman Foundation “I Believe in You”, Frieda, Ministry of Culture, Handikos, Municipality of Ferizaj and SHFMU “Tefik Çanga”.

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