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When the curtain falls

March 31, 2021


The citizens of the municipality of Lipjan yesterday, on 30.03.2021, had the opportunity to see closely the phenomenon of bullying, its consequences, and dangers through the forum theater performance “When the curtain falls”.

Respecting protective measures against COVID-19, the performance was held at Cultural Center “Tahir Sinani” – Lipjan. After the performance, a discussion took place, where the public had the opportunity to ask questions to the characters regarding the topics that were addressed.

How to help people dealing with bullying, what we can do as a society to put an end to this phenomenon, and many other issues were raised by the public who was active throughout the discussion.

Edmond Hajdini, Fjolla Hoxha, Gerta Salihi, and Lerdi Salihi were the ones who gave life to the performance, under the mentorship of Daniela Markaj & Qendresa Kajtazi with assistant Fatlum Bllaca.

“When the curtain falls” is organized by Artpolis – Art and Community Center in the framework of the “Humanrightivism” project implemented by CDF and supported by Sida.


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