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Young artists prepare for the creation of CVs, Portfolios and music auditions

January 27, 2022


The second day of the project “Support for Art and Young Artists in Post Covid Kosovo” with positive energy during the preparation for auditions continued with the training for design / creation of CV, Portfolio and music audition.

20 young artists at the Parliament Hotel, yesterday (January 26, 2022), expressed their thoughts on what is important for an audition, while they were curious to learn about music audition, creation / design of CV-  of and Portfolio.

The way of standing in front of the jury, breathing, preparing more genres than required in audition, memorizing them, preparing for a long time, readiness and above all maintaining personal and professional integrity are some of the elements that these young people mentioned.

The director of Artpolis and the founder of the FemArt Festival, Zana Hoxha, has shared her experiences with these young people with special emphasis on career management in the long run, and the preparations that must be possessed to overcome the challenges.  Even the artists of the Resident Artistic Troupe through conversation with these young people and their examples of how they managed to overcome the challenges were inspiring for the participants.

A well-prepared CV and Portfolio is one that may get the attention of a particular jury, or employer.  It is the first reflection of one’s career and work, of the evidence of continuity, but all written elements must be able to be protected by the person if asked about them.  Another element of particular importance was the discussion of the references that artists can and should receive from their collaborators.

CV and Portfolio design can be created and built in different forms, depending on what the artists intend to present. One of the most practical programs for their design is Canva, for which Elira Lluka, public relations officer at Artpolis, has explained the technical aspects that this program offers.

The training for the preparation for the music audition was given by the pianist Alzan Gashi, who in addition to explaining the musical terms that actors can encounter in an audition and that are of great importance, also spoke about the techniques and forms that artists can prepare for a  music audition.

Young artists are very satisfied with the two-day training, emphasizing that they would like such training to be more frequent, as they see it as necessary for building and managing their career.

The project “Support for Art and Young Artists in Post Covid Kosovo” is implemented by the Art and Community Center – Artpolis, supported by SDC.

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