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Youth forum theater performance “Hopes and dreams”

December 2, 2019

14th of November, 2019

“Hopes & Dreams” – Youth Performance, realized by Art and Community Center – Artpolis, was a guest of the Multicultural Festival, organized by the non-governmental organization Vorae, on 14th November, 2019, in Prishtina.

The performance aims to empower young people by giving special emphasis on career orientation, raising awareness on the importance of choosing a career and developing the necessary skills to fulfill their professional aspirations.

The diverse audience, members of communities living in Kosovo including pupils, students but also adults as parents and representatives of various organizations, inspired by the theme and the play of young actors/actresses, were involved in the open discussion organized after the performance.

The peculiarity of this discussion was that the audience, in addition to the questions they had for the actors, they shared with all participants that were present, their personal stories which were welcomed by everyone.

This performance helped me to reflect on my son’s wishes so from no one I would not impose my career choices for him” – a lady said from the audience; Meanwhile, one student from the audience indicated that despite his parents’ desire to study electrical installation, he had begun economics studies, a dream that he never stopped of pursuing.

The message given in the end of discussion was that society and institutions have an obligation towards the youngsters and must do their utmost for a better and perspective environment in Kosovo so they can study the desired majors for a brighter, prospective and happier future.

Actresses/Actors: Linda Hyseni, Semra Keriq, Ibrahim Berisha, Leotrim Berisha, Muhamet Ademi. Moderator: Diellza Bezera

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