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Youth performance “Unlived Happiness” – Gjakovë/Shtime

May 24, 2021


Youth performance “Unlived Happiness”, part of which are youngsters from different communities living in Kosovo, was presented in the Municipality of Gjakova and Shtime on May 20-21, 2021. Led and directed by mentor Edlir Gashi, the performance addressed the early marriage phenomena in our society.

The performance presents the 10th grade students of high school where among them is a student named Lira, whose life begins to fall apart when she realizes that her father has decided that she should get married. The performance reflects how shocking this news is for Lira and illustrates how powerless her mother is to help her daughter.

Actors: Arta Shaqiri, Ardijan Krasniqi, Dafina Bytyqi, Durim Ademaj, Goneta Ademaj, Burhan Ramadani, Veton Gashi, Ramize Shabani.

Mentor: Edlir Gashi

This project is supported by: Unfpa

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