Buçaj Sh.P.K joins Artpolis’s journey for social transformation

March 5, 2022


Artpolis – Art and Community Center, that aims to create a feminist and equal society by advocating and using art as a tool for social change, already has a strong ally who believes in the same values, the corporation Buçaj Sh.P.K.

Through the Law on Sponsorship, the Buçaj corporation supports the activities of Artpolis, becoming the general sponsor of the organization. Through this support the impact on the community will increase and the change we want is closer and more complete.

In addition to the responsibility for the well-being of its employees, Buçaj Sh.P.K has proven that community support can be done in various forms and ways, especially in supporting girls and women, young men and women who engage in Artpolis activities.

As Artpolis we are happy and grateful to start this cooperation with Buçaj Sh.P.K towards the transformation for a just and equal society!

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