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Children and youngsters learn about gender equality with the artist Selma Selman

October 3, 2022


The earlier the understanding of gender equality, the more the commitment to equality and justice is internalized. On October 2, 2022 youngsters and children had the opportunity to learn more about gender equality using art as a tool.

The “Gender Equality” workshop directed by artist Selma Selman brought together children aged 7-14 and youngsters aged 14-18, who had fun and expressed their talent. At the same time, they discussed and learned about gender roles and stereotypes.

Part of this workshop were the Albanian, Roma, Ashkali and Egyptian communities, who expressed their dreams and wishes for the future.

The workshop ended with the creation of drawings, paintings and slogans for gender equality by the participants, which highlighted their talent and creativity.

This workshop was organized by Artpolis –Art and Community Center in support of the Civic Assembly of Helsinki, Banja Luka.

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