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“Culture without borders” opened doors for young artists

April 1, 2024


Culture without borders!  The Intercultural Icebreakers program united young artists from Kosova and Serbia, fostering cultural exchange and growth. From March 22 to March 31, 16 talented young people embarked on a transformative journey filled with trips, lectures, workshops, and visits to cultural institutions.

In Belgrade, Novi Sad, Prishtina, Prizren, Peja, and Decan, they immersed themselves in art, culture, and heritage. Highlights included a lecture by writer Saša Ilić, visits to renowned museums like Museum 25 May (Belgrade) and MSUV-museum of contemporary art (Novi Sad), and to the art center CZKD. As well as in DCK, The exhibition „Once upon a time and never again“, Termokiss, Faculty of Arts, Monastery of Deçan, League of Prizren, DokuFest, Anibar, etc.

For many participants, this experience marked their first visit to the neighboring country, deepening their understanding of history and fostering new friendships. Meanwhile, activities in Kosova shed light on the region’s war history and cultural richness, from visits to exhibitions to discussions with prominent figures like feminist activist Igo Rogova.

Under the guidance of mentor Tamara Tomašević, the group explored their artistic ideas, fostering self-awareness and creativity. Reflecting on their experience, some of the participants shared their impressions; Aulona shared: “Participation in the “Ice breakers” project, which aims to meet new and unestablished artists, happened in a completely random way. I had no expectations, but I can say with full conviction that it is one of the projects that change the perspective my artistic life and opened my mind in a very organic way. I met wonderful people, shared stories, visited new places, exchanged experiences, and created many friendships. For me it was a much needed and deeply transformative experience, so I heartily recommend it for all young artists.”

Katarina: “I was glad to get the opportunity to meet our peers from Kosova, and to have a secure and safe space to face stereotypes, politics and history. I made some friendships that I hold dear and I believe will last a long time. After the project, I feel stronger and more supported to further study and deal with social problems.”

 As they continue their journey, these “icebreakers” eagerly anticipate collaborative artistic projects and sharing their work with the world.

The “Culture without borders” program for young artists was designed by the Helsinki Committee for Human Rights in Serbia (HO), and since 2023 it is implemented in cooperation with the organization Artpolis from Pristina and with the financial support of the European Union.

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